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How are we different from other acupuncture clinics?

Many acupuncturists practice what is known as Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM. At AcuMediZen Acupuncture & Sports Medicine, I practice a more modern form of acupuncture which falls under the umbrella of medical acupuncture, neurofunctional acupuncture, sports acupuncture, and orthopedic acupuncture. My styles of acupuncture combine many traditional therapies and concepts but with a more modern scientific approach to the

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Is acupuncture painful?

In short, no, acupuncture is not painful. The fact that acupuncture involves needles automatically gives people the impression that it’s going to be painful, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, approximately 20 acupuncture needles can fit into the tip of a common hypodermic needle. Pretty crazy, huh? But yes, acupuncture needles are sharp so people usually

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What can acupuncturists treat?

Virtually everyone can benefit from the wide arrays of services that we offer here at AcuMediZen Acupuncture & Sports Medicine! I have treated infants, toddlers, teens, college students, middle-aged business executives, political figures, professional athletes and the elderly, and in doing so, I’m extremely proud of my track record, the results that I’ve delivered, and the reputation that I have

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How are acupuncturists educated?

Today, acupuncturists undertake three to four years of extensive and comprehensive graduate training at nationally certified schools. All acupuncturists must pass a national exam and meet strict guidelines to practice in every state.

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How safe is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is extremely safe. It is an all-natural, drug-free therapy, yielding no side effects just feelings of relaxation and well-being. There is little danger of infection from acupuncture needles because they are sterile, used once, and then discarded.

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