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How are we different from other acupuncture clinics?

Many acupuncturists practice what is known as Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM. At AcuMediZen Acupuncture & Sports Medicine, I practice a more modern form of acupuncture which falls under the umbrella of medical acupuncture, neurofunctional acupuncture, sports acupuncture, and orthopedic acupuncture. My styles of acupuncture combine many traditional therapies and concepts but with a more modern scientific approach to the human body, the nervous system and their responses to pain, disease and dysfunction. At AcuMediZen Acupuncture & Sports Medicine, I utilize electro acupuncture in most of my treatments because I believe in the power of the human body to modulate, enhance or trigger the production and secretion of various neurochemicals to regulate physiology. Similar to a TCM practitioner, I seek to treat the root of your problem(s) whether they be musculoskeletal, autoimmune, gastrointestinal or respiratory in nature.


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